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    1. dessysafira:

      'Esensi Masa'

      Ceramic stoneware, found object, ink, mix media on wood

      25 x 7 x 75 cm


      new work updated!

    2. I Celebrate Life through Fire

      Hi there! I’ve updated (lots of) new artworks on my portfolio tumblr, really sorry for being away in such a long long time. Please kindly drop by and tell me what you think. I put my email on it.

      thank you. lots of love!


    3. ‘Consumerism(e)’

      45 x 45 x 18 cm

      ceramic stoneware, slip casted, altered, middle firing glaze, color stain


    4. skullbird:

      Sketches of various constrictor profiles, attempting to help illustrate that these snakes don’t just vary in color and size, but there’s tons of variation even down to facial structure.

      This was a fun exercise~


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    5. yoncevevo:

      teacher: you’re 5 minutes late


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    6. cookiecaramel:

      Exploded flowers by Fong Gi Wei.

      lovely <3

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    7. adorablesnakes:

"like *freaking clock work"

she just keep hitting the cage


      "like *freaking clock work"


      she just keep hitting the cage

    8. Spesial Buat 2010 ♥



      Aaron Luhung (Aaron) - Russel Up


      Alicia Amanda (Ace) - Nafa Urbach


      Lukman Satrio (Aming) - Aming


      Bagus Agung (Bagus) - Armand Maulana


      Bena Pratama (Aben) - Bisma Sm*sh


      Deni Warawardhana (Deni) - Mat Solar


      Dessy Safira (Desi) - Gracia Indri


      Rilya Krisnawati…

      kangen 2010 

    9. akumanoshoujo:

      Wtf Jean and Armin…Levi was doing so well.

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    10. androphilia:

      Life With The Hijab By Sadaf Syed

      University of Michigan’s DJ Hadeel Al-Hadidi created and broadcasts her own hour-long radio program.
      Scholars teach that Islam encourages sports and physical activity for all, wrote Sayed. The prophet Muhammad is said to have invited his wife Aisha to a foot race.
      Nadia Afghani, left, and Nadia Chohan make up Hijabi Deafness, a Muslim punk rock/hip-hop band.
      Michelle Yim, a network engineer, skis, swims, body surfs, rides motorcycles – all while wearing the hijab.
      Atlanta-based Mariem “Punchenella” Brakache (5-5, 1KO) is a former IBA Junior Middleweight Champion, boxing coach and renowned trainer.
      A ballerina and tap dancer from Texas, Hiba Awad is anxious to prove “how versatile and unique a Muslim woman can be.”
      Nousheen Yousuf said the practice of tae kwon do “taught me to treat daily prayers as a real meditation, where the focus is on my relationship with God.”
      Nosheen Cassim, a part-time makeup artist and full-time mother of two, was born and raised in Illinois, but has been threatened by strangers who told her to “go back to where she came from.”
      No matter how different they may look from other beachgoers, Sama Wareh, left, and Aurelia Khatib believe in doing what they love, including surfing.
      Asma Azim, a step-grandmother from Pakistan, has been a manager of mechanics and a truck driver for more than a dozen years. She said her male contemporaries treat her with respect – especially when they discover she can repair her own engine.

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    Dessy Safira, 21, Indonesian. Ceramic Art student at Bandung Institute of Technology class of 2010. An amateur sculptor, eraser's collector, snake lover, loves to do role play and other theatrical stuff, radio listener, got various kind of music in her playlist, left-handed karinding player, concert-whore, loves cheese and mayo, hates cockroach.

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